Women's stories

Read the stories of women and girls who have faced and overcome discrimination and violence with the help of our partners.

  • Friends and anti-FGM campaigners Jennifer and Jackline campaign stand together, smiling.

    A friend and I decided to spread the word about FGM

    Jennifer, 18 (left) and Jackline, 15 (right) are friends as well as fierce campaigners against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in ...
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  • Maasai woman with her back turned to the camera looks into the distance

    I wouldn't want any girl to go through what I did

    Resian underwent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as a young girl and shortly after was forced into marriage.
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  • Precious thumbnail

    The radio is stirring their souls

    A communications graduate and passionate environmentalist, Precious has worked as an Assistant News Editor and Gender Officer at Womankind partner ...
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  • miremba-member-of-a-women's-uganda

    We are growing a movement of women

    Miremba and her family’s farming was ground to a halt when an oil refinery opened in her district of Hoima, ...
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  • Olerai

    I know my principles and my rights. My body is my body.

    Olerai underwent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and it took two months for the bleeding to stop.
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  • Elizabeth stood in front of Hoima Sugar Factory, is a leader at the Listeners Club, Uganda

    I think women coming together is the best thing so women can be more powerful

    Elizabeth, aged 40, was forcefully evicted from her home in 2014. Elizabeth now lives with her husband and children in ...
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  • Negasa was forcefully evicted from her home and is currently living in an internal displacement camp in Uganda

    When we listen to the radio, we know we are not alone

    Nagesa, aged 37, was forcefully evicted from her home in 2014. Since moving to a displacement camp, her husband abandoned ...
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  • Anna stands in an internal displacement camp, where she now lives after she was forcefully evicted from her home in Uganda

    When everything stands against us, we have each other for support

    Anna, aged 42, was forcefully evicted from her home in 2014. Ever since the eviction, she has lived with her ...
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  • Grace was forcefully evicted from her land and now lives in temporary accommodation

    Women can bring change in the community when they are together

    Grace and her family were one of many families ordered to leave their land and forced into temporary accommodation to ...
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  • Patience standing outside her temporary home in an internal displacement camp, Uganda

    When women come together, we gain the strength to speak out and our voices are heard

    Patience and her family were forcefully evicted from their home and land. Her husband tragically died during the eviction. With ...
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