Where we work

Womankind Worldwide has worked in partnership with women's rights organisations and movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1989.

We're a global women’s rights organisation, working to support feminist action at all levels, from the local to the global. Recognising that change is complex, and that working to support women’s movements requires depth and long-term collaboration, our current focus countries are Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda and Zimbabwe.
  • A mother and child at the safe house in Ethiopia


    Ethiopia is one of Womankind's focus countries, where we are working in depth with local women's organisations to help women escape domestic violence, support survivors of violence with medical, legal and livelihoods support and promote women's economic empowerment.
  • Maasai women from Kenya join together against FGM


    Kenya is one of our focus countries, where we are working in depth to support and strengthen the women's movement. As well as working with our long-standing partner, FIDA Kenya, growing a movement of change against female genital mutilation, we are also developing new partnerships across the women's movement in Kenya.
  • 45. These women works on a vegetable farm, which was set up with WHR’s help in Chapagaun, Nepal - small


    Nepal is one of Womankind's focus countries, where we are supporting and strengthening the women's movement through new and existing partnerships. For almost a decade, we have been supporting partners to help women affected by domestic violence, support widows’ rights, improve the rights of Dalit women, and overcome the effect of the 2015 earthquake.
  • thumb-Uganda-NAWOU-2012


    Uganda is one of our focus countries, where we are supporting and strengthening the women's movement. For the past few years, we have worked in partnership with local organisations in Uganda advancing the rights of women survivors of conflict, and helping women and girls to recognise their rights.
  • Veronica was supported by our partner in Zimbabwe


    Zimbabwe is one of Womankind's focus countries, where we are supporting and strengthening the women's movement. We are currently working on a project in partnership with local women's organisations to end violence through the justice system and help women rebuild their lives after violence.
  • thumb-Tanzania-Guardian-Sep-2009-028


    We have worked with partners in Tanzania since 1992 on a variety of different women's rights initiatives. We are currently working closely with the Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) to strengthen their legal aid centres and awareness campaigns with refugees and host communities, promoting refugee women’s rights through community responses to violence against women and girls.
  • Girls in the leadership club


    Since 2011, we've worked with women's rights partners in Zambia. We are currently Girls Leadership Clubs run by our partner Zambia National Women’s Lobby. We have also supported Women for Change’s work to raise awareness of women’s reproductive rights and the need for access to health services.
  • thumb-Afghanistan-AWN-2012


    We have collaborated with women’s rights organisations in Afghanistan since 2002. During this time, we have supported the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) in the implementation and monitoring of the ‘Elimination of Violence against Women Law’; assisted the Afghan Women’s Resource Centre (AWRC) in promoting women’s leadership, and; worked with Humanitarian Assistance for Women & Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) to build and develop a Women’s Legal Aid Centre in Jalalabad.
  • thumb-Sierra-Leone-GLCS-December-2011

    Sierrra Leone

    We started working with partners in Sierra Leone in 1992. We supported the Women’s Partnership for Justice and Peace (WPJP) to change community attitudes and practices, and to reduce discrimination and violence against women through action orientated trainings that increase the knowledge base of local authorities to end violence against women. Womankind has also partnered with the Women Against Violence and Exploitation Society (WAVES) to strengthen their organisational capacity and strategic objectives in line with the Millennium Development Goals.
  • thumb-Demus-Peru-2015-2


    Starting in 1990, we have worked with 20 organisations in their work, such as the promotion of women’s participation in local and regional government by Asociación Calandria; psychological support, legal advice and counselling to survivors of sex trafficking by El Pozo; and persistent campaigning by DEMUS for justice for the thousands of women who were forcibly sterilised during the Fujimori government of the 1990s.
  • thumb-Ghana-Gender-Centre-2015-FLOW


    Since 1991, we supported Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) to increase women’s participation in Ghana’s political processes and ensure the government’s 40% women in politics commitment by 2015. We also partnered with the Gender and Human Rights Documentation Centre (Gender Centre), on a programme to reduce women’s susceptibility to HIV infection through the establishment of HIV education and prevention teams.
  • thumb-CDIMA-Bolivia-2015


    We have worked with partners in Bolivia since 1990, with the last project completed this year. During this time, we supported the work of several partners. For example, Red Ada promoted the political participation of indigenous women and opposed gender-based political violence and harassment; CPMGA established vibrant groups of young people who promote sexual and reproductive rights and health and challenge violence against women; and Tahipampu trained and supported the Association of Mothers’ Centres in their work against domestic violence.
  • thumb-Liberia-LIWOMAC-2013


    From 2012 until 2016, Womankind supported Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC) in tackling the fallout from the Ebola crisis and operating Liberia Women’s Democracy Radio (LWDR FM 91.1), the only radio station in the country run by women, for women.