16 Days of Activism

AWSAD safe house resident Sirgut aged 15 came to the safe house almost 4 years ago after being raped by her aunts husband

From 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) up to Human Rights Day (10 December), we will join the global women's movement to mark the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.

1 in 3 women across the world will experience violence in their lifetime. That’s more than 1 billion women and girls facing physical or sexual abuse. Violence doesn’t discriminate, it affects women of all ages, classes and backgrounds.

16 Days of Activism raises awareness about violence against women as a human rights issue, focussing on the importance of grassroots work on violence against women as well as providing an international platform for advocacy and campaigning.

Throughout the campaign, Womankind will be raising awareness of the key issues surrounding violence against women and girls through blogs, stories and more.

Read our article with Stylist on domestic violence, feature three women who have been supported by our partners.


Blogs for 16 Days

Our Policy Manager for Women's Economic Rights, Chiara Capraro, blogs for Huffington Post on why the economy is failing women and must change to end violence. 

Our latest blog about the violence women and girls face to get an education.

Read our blog about how women's movements are key to ending violence against women.

Our blog about the need for more action in the fight to end violence against women and girls.

Maria from our partner AWSAD in Ethiopia blogs about providing a lifeline for women through shelter services in Ethiopia.

Hear from women who have overcome violence

Our partners are providing essential services and support to help women have a safe space to recover from violence and build a future.


Read Eden's story of how she rebuilt her life after being raped.

In the hairdressing salon

Read Mekedes's story about overcoming years of abuse by her brother.

Our research

In 2016, we publish a report in partnership with our partners in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe on the importance of holistic services for women and girls who have experienced violence.

'More Than a Roof' found that providing holistic services to meet both the immediate practical needs, and the longer term strategic needs of women, is essential. Women survivors of violence also needed women-only and women-led spaces, creating a safe and empowering environment for recovery. Finally, both partners face the common challenge of a lack of core, flexible and long-term funding.