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Mitini Nepal began in 2005 and is an NGO working on lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LBT) women's rights and to guarantee the human rights, labour rights and sexual rights of LBT women.
Mitini provides psychosocial support, counselling, legal services and emergency shelter provision as well as lobbying and advocacy directed towards the government around same sex marriage and violence against women in the LBT community. It helps lesbians reintegrate into society and their families and helps them establish their gender identity without fear. Mitini has direct experience and understanding of intersectionality within their own lives and within the women’s movement in Nepal.

The main focus of Womankind's partnership with Mitini is contributing to the shared aim of strengthening the women’s movement, including the voice and visibility of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women, and supporting resilience and capacity for coordinated action at local and national levels and engagement at regional and global levels.
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