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National Indigenous Women's Federation (NIWF)

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National Indigenous Women’s Federation (NIWF) is a Kathmandu based umbrella organisation of Adivasi Janajati (Indigenous Nationalities), specifically of women's organisations.
Women leaders from different indigenous organisations established NIWF as a federation in 1999 and registered NIWF in 2000 with the aim of ensuring the right to participate in all state structures with their distinct identity.

Currently, 42 indigenous women's organisations are affiliated under this umbrella organisation. NIWF focuses on ethnicity and not caste. Indigenous women, which account for 18% of the total population of Nepal, face social exclusion, not only because they are women, but also because of their ethnicity. The state has not recognised the "identity" of indigenous women and they suffer triple discrimination, first for being women, secondly for being indigenous, thirdly being indigenous women.

The main focus of Womankind’s partnership with NIWF is contributing to the shared aim of strengthening the women’s movement and its awareness and understanding of indigenous women, including voice and visibility and women's participation and leadership, and to support resilience and capacity for coordinated action at local and national levels and engagement at regional and global levels.
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