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Saathi’s strategy is to work at all levels of Nepali society – from the government to the grassroots level. Saathi is committed to eliminating violence against women and supporting women and children who are survivors of violence. 

Saathi is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation which was established in 1992 to address contemporary challenges being faced by Nepali women. They provide  services such as counselling, medical care and temporary shelter to women survivors. And they also teach them practical skills so they can live independent, violent-free lives.. The organisation places a strong  focus on identifying the social issues at the root of violence against women and campaigns tirelessly for active governmental support on women’s rights.

Some of Saathi’s activities include conducting pioneering research on the impact of violence against women and children in Nepal, running training for women survivors of violence and working in collaboration with other organisations on an anti-trafficking programme.

Saathi also coordinates a loose network of 36 organizations called the “National Network Against Domestic Violence” (NNADV). This network was formed to pressure the government to pass the Domestic Violence (Crime and Punishment) Act. The Act was passed in 2009.

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