Women for Human Rights (WHR)

  • Nepal
  • Asia
WHR strengthens the lives of single women (widows) through their economic, social, political and cultural empowerment in order to enable them to live their lives with dignity and respect. It believes there should be "no discrimination on the basis of marital status".

Women for Human Rights (WHR) was established in 1994 to work for the human rights of the single women (widows) in Nepal. In addition to providing refuge and counselling, WHR brings together women from different ethnic and religious backgrounds from across the country. They aim to build peace and include women in this process. The organisation works in 73 districts and has over 100,000 single women members.

WHR has been progressive in changing laws to favour widows and removing discriminatory aspects of the law. They make sure that women's voices are heard are calling for the Nepalese word for widow, 'Bidhwa', to be disused due to its negative societal connotation. The organisation envisions creating a non-discriminatory and equitable society with a mission “to work towards the economic, political and social empowerment of single women for a dignified life, enjoying values of human rights”.

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