Our Impact

Members of a Dalit Women’s Group set up by Womankind partner FEDO in Nepal

Since we were founded in 1989, Womankind Worldwide has supported more than 18 million women and girls to transform their lives and communities.

Working to achieve women’s rights and gender equality takes long term commitment, and we’re in this for the long haul. We've fine-tuned our approach over almost three decades and all our work with women's rights organisations and movements is based on strong evidence of what works.

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In 2016-17, we worked with more than 30 women’s rights organisations in 13 countries. Read more in our Impact Report 2016-17.

We directly supported 74,530 women through projects and services, from providing a safe space to escape violence to business training.

We indirectly supported more than 8.7 million women, girls, men and boys through awareness raising on women’s rights and changes to legislation, policies and practices.

Womankind responded to the changing global context for women. Based on almost three decades of experience, we introduced an innovative strategy to support and strengthen women’s movements, which was validated by more than 100 women's rights organisations and activists.

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