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National Association for Women's Action in Development (NAWAD)

  • Africa
  • Uganda
National Association for Women's Action in Development (NAWAD) is a non-governmental women’s organisation in Uganda that is focused on the family and the crucial role women play in their families, their communities and the development of Uganda as a nation.
NAWAD's goal is to promote the fundamental human rights of women and young people especially in relation to social justice, sustainable management of the environment and natural resources, health, and economic security.

The foundation for Womankind’s partnership with NAWAD is the belief that gender inequality is a lived reality for women all over the world and is rooted in entrenched patriarchal norms found in the structure of all societies. Changing this reality requires engagement at various levels to both enhance organisational and personal capacities of women’s rights leaders to respond more effectively to the challenges they face, alongside directly addressing problems through programme and policy initiatives.

The main focus of the partnership is to advance the realisation of women’s economic rights, in particular women’s right to land and to an adequate standard of living and women’s role in the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. Our collaboration includes programming, documentation, policy development and advocacy to contribute to strengthening the women’s movement, including through eco-feminism, and support resilience and capacity for coordinated action at local and national levels and engagement at regional and global levels.
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