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Moving forward on Women, Peace and Security: next steps for the UK government

A new Womankind briefing sets out how the UK government can ensure women are central to its work in fragile and conflict-affected countries

UK Women, Peace and Security Action Plan debated in the House of Lords

On Monday Womankind attended a House of Lords Debate on the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security

Country focus: Women’s roles in local peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Liberia, Nepal and Sierra Leone

Womankind releases new publications focusing on women’s roles in local peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Liberia, Nepal and Sierra Leone

Day 13 of 16: Gulandam from Afghanistan

Gulandam from Afghanistan shares her inspiring story of hard work and success supported by Afghan Women Resource Centre

Three things you can do on international day for the elimination of violence against women

Violence against women is human rights violation on a massive scale. You can take action today.

Day one of 16: Zarmina from Afghanistan

It’s day 1 of Sixteen Days of Activism and we have Zarmina from Afghanistan sharing her experiences of violence

Celebrating women’s contributions on the International Day of Peace

On Peace Day 2013, Womankind is honouring the vital role of women peacebuilders and calling on the UK government to ensure that their contributions are recognised at the local, national and international level.

Back to school, for women as well as girls

It’s back to school season again in the UK, the perfect time to read about our partner’s work supporting women in Afghanistan to claim their right to an education.

Supporting education and activism on Malala Day

While courageous Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai has become an important advocate for equal access to education, her story also illustrates the wider challenges facing women and girl activists.

Women’s rights must be at the heart of peace in Afghanistan

News that the US will take part in direct peace talks with the Taliban has been met with concern by women’s rights activists in Afghanistan and around the world.